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At Beddington Park Academy, we believe that nurturing young thinkers is not just about teaching facts; it is about empowering them with the tools to explore life's profound questions.

Philosophy for Children, or P4C, is an innovative educational approach designed to do just that. In each session, the children are shown a stimulus and through careful facilitation, the children share their ideas and develop their skills to ask open-ended questions and build on each other’s points of view

We encourage students to think deeply, ask meaningful questions, and engage in thoughtful discussions. P4C helps them develop the ability to be caring, critical, collaborative and creative thinkers. Through dialogue and debate, children learn to articulate their thoughts and opinions confidently. This skill extends beyond the classroom, empowering them in everyday life.

P4C provides a safe space for children to explore big philosophical questions like "What is fairness?" or "What makes a good friend?" These discussions are both enriching and enjoyable. Our P4C lessons promote respect for diverse viewpoints and teaches children how to listen actively and empathise with others.