Pupil Parliament


I am the Pupil Prime Minister. It is my job to make sure everyone is listened to and heard. I will listen to your questions and suggestions to make the academy a better place.


I am the Deputy Pupil Prime Minister. It is my job to make sure all the pupils in the school are happy coming to school. I work with my fellow Ministers to organise events for everyone to enjoy.


I am the Inclusion Minister. My job is to make sure everyone feels included and goes home with a smile. I make sure everyone, including children with learning difficulties or disabilities, feels included and that they belong.


I am the Rights Respecting Minister. It is my role to teach the children in the school their rights and that they are being respected. Each week I choose the right of the week and present it in assembly.


I am the Anti-Racism Minister. I organise events related to promoting anti-racism. I am always here to listen to you if you experience racism or discrimination.


I am the Environmentalist. My role is to make sure that the environment is clean and that we have a safe and fun time in school.