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Curriculum Overview

At Beddington Park Academy, we value the importance of creating global citizens who have the values, knowledge and skills to be not only successful but to be ambassadors of change.

We know every moment at school is an opportunity for learning so everything we do is 'on purpose'. Our approaches are research driven and ensure that all children are able to be successful. We strive to ensure our school is a safe and nurturing environment where we empower our children to have a voice and become life-long learners.

  • Balance (the seesaw);
  • Sharing (sharing the swing);
  • Teamwork (the team of children in a circle);
  • Achieving (the child at the end of the path);
  • Reasoning (children sitting under the tree) and safety (the fence)
Our drivers are represented in our B-STARS drivers logo.

The logo presents us with an ongoing challenge to reflect all aspects throughout the curriculum to ensure we always think about the whole journey and developmental links.

Curriculum Rationale Overview